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SD (0.4MP). MD (0.81MP). HD (2.25MP). UHD (15MP). 15MP size is enough for large physical prints at 300ppi. Smaller sizes are faster and best for experimenting, and once you're happy you can enhance your creations to HD.
This is the approximate processing time (not counting the waiting in queue time), measured in minutes:
Quality / Size SD MD HD UHD
Quality 1 231020
Quality 2 462040
Quality 3 693060
Any image can serve as a style. Look for styles with patterns and visible brushstrokes. Look at our premade styles as a guide. Important: if you plan to enhance in HD, the style needs to have high resolution as well, otherwise the result may look blurry.
Our pricing is here. We only charge for what you use, and GPU time / electricity is calculated very generously. We cannot offer this professional service for free, I hope you understand :). is not an app for selfies. We focus on developing a Professional platform for serious, working professional artists, giving much more control and quality than those consumer apps. For any particular / technical enquiry please mail to us.
Your style transfer results belong to you, you can do as you please with them (as long as you own the original photos). You can resell or distribute for free if you wish.
When you go to the "create" page, you can select any number of photos and styles. For example, say you choose 3 photos and 2 styles. Once you create the style transfer jobs, our system will schedule all the 6 combinations for you, and will enqueue the jobs to process the whole batch.
You can tweak the intensity of the style as it's applied, and whether the style colors are applied or they remain closer to the original photo. Also you can tweak the size of the brush, and the quality of the output, as well as a contrast enhancement.
Our legal dept. is taking care of this, please come back soon. But briefly: your data is safe with us, we won't sell or publish your data or pictures. We don't take responsability for your usage of our service. We use cookies to track usage of our app. We respect local US laws re: privacy and data safeguarding. We keep records of IPs from visitors for aggregate statistics.
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